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As part of the ruse, Kingsley (the “butler” / ostensible host of the proceedings) refers to Matt as “sir” when talking about him to the contestants. Later, when the women finally get to interact with Matt, they ask him what they should call him and he says, “Anything you like will do for now.” (One woman jokes she could call him “master,” which is laughed off by all in extremely uncomfortable fashion.) How long is this gonna go on for??! What she doesn't know is that the men she's about to meet are actually "Average Joes" - nice guys with great hearts, but admittedly average looks - some even describing themselves as nerds and geeks!While Melana must decide how to proceed on a series of group and one-on-one dates, the guys form bonds and rivalries, experiencing a wide range of emotional ups and downs as the series unfolds."Average Joe" had its series premiere on November 3, 2003 and ran for four seasons on NBC.The men were what the producers considered to be average in appearance, with many being overweight or underweight and nerdy, or awkward in their behavior and personalities.

(The second series, taped before the first one aired, also contained this element, thus avoiding the problem associated with the second season of Joe Millionaire.) Halfway through the show, several handsome suitors appear and compete against the average Joes.This time, eliminated Average Joes received a complete makeover and were given a second chance to win Anna Chudoba's heart.In the end, Anna's choice surprised America and upset the Joe's losing streak once and for all.(We found ourselves shouting at the television at one point, “But are you a ‘hopeless romantic’??? We like to imagine the parent of one of her students clearing his throat awkwardly when his son clicked to Fox last night (“Wait, is that . ” before the contestant on screen said, “I’m a hopeless romantic.” Mom, we’re sure you’ve never been prouder of us.) Below, a catalogue of our questions: Are they gonna call him “sir” the whole time?

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