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Meitzenheimer and Littleton do not yet have listed attorneys or a listed phone number where someone can be reached to comment on their behalf.

Meitzenheimer, a redshirt freshman linebacker from Moreno Valley, California, is charged with witness tampering, obstruction of justice, aggravated assault and failure to remain at the scene of an accident.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) A Utah State football player and another student have been charged with intimidating a witness in a burglary case against two other members of the football team.

Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen said that on April 5, 19-year-old freshmen Kevin Meitzenheimer and Dayshawn Littleton tried to hit the witness with their car and threatened to return and shoot the witness.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268, Section 13B makes it a crime to willfully or recklessly engage in certain acts in an attempt to persuade certain persons who are connected to criminal proceedings, including witnesses, jurors, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and others.

The deputies who pulled up to the house in Harrison, Tenn., knew what to expect — they'd been at the home before for domestic violence.But 50 days later, and just 12 hours before Thompson was scheduled to appear in court, he called his wife from jail and told her not to show up.He said if she failed to come to court three times, the charges against him would be dismissed, records show.He urged her to ignore the subpoena she'd received. She didn't show, and the next morning a judge moved the case against Thompson back until January.It's a common scenario, domestic violence experts say.

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