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We co-parent our son.' The actress' romance with Hogan began in 1986 when he cast her as his love interest in Crocodile Dundee, where they played an uncouth Australian bushman and an American news reporter who become unlikely lovers. At once contemporary and yet historic, Dundee is an ideal place to see how Scotland has evolved over the centuries.It’s still occupied by the current earl and his wife.

A sense of community is palpable in the Dundee-Memorial Park neighborhood, where residents and merchants have sought National Register status, funded a streetscape plan, restored historic street lamps, and pushed to be declared a neighborhood conservation and enhancement district.Organizers started filling the gaps with entertainment and other types of food and craft vendors, he said, making the event seem more like a flea market."It wasn't really turning out to be a true farmers market, which was our intent," Miller said.After re-evaluating their event schedule for several months, trustees and staff members agreed at a June 12 meeting to end the farmers market after the June 18 event -- the second of the season.The news was frustrating for event organizers, who said they received a day's notice that last weekend's market would be the final one.

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