Campsite rule dating

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To be fair, the researchers didn’t actually examine the GGG phenomenon.They didn’t use the term “GGG,” nor did they use the phrase “game for anything” anywhere in their research paper.Long embraced by his readers, the GGG approach now has support from a new scientific study published in the Journal of Sex Research.Of course, we’ve known for years that technique (for example, clitoral stimulation for women, incorporating certain sexual behaviors for either sex) matters to couples.

Younger partners and particularly virgins will often take everything given to them by an older, more experienced partner as being “written in stone,” and will carry around everything they learn from them for the rest of their life: so treat them right!

Instead of having an affair, I told my husband that I wanted to be able to pursue sex with this person since I wasn't getting what I wanted at home.

Husband got pissed and said no way (no surprise), but that if I did do anything, he didn't want to know about it. I didn't do anything out of respect for him, but it made me resentful.

"As a longtime reader, I know and agree with your 'campsite rule' about having sex with younger people," OLD wrote.

"I have a responsibility to leave her in better shape than I found her.

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