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During the reign of *Jehoram son of Ahab, Jehu served as commander of the garrison posted at Ramoth-Gilead, in North Transjordan.From Ramoth-Gilead he set out for Samaria and seized the throne.America's Next Top Model host and mentor Tyra Banks said she was 'deeply saddened' about the death of one of her former contestants last week, but plenty of others have had similarly tragic fates after the cameras stopped rolling.Mirjana Puhar was an America's Next Top Model contestant during Cycle 21.Jehu's way to the throne was paved with bloodshed, in the course of which the entire house of *Omri was exterminated.He killed Jehoram, king of Israel, at Jezreel, and he also put to death King *Ahaziah of Judah and his brothers (see also Kings ).She later returned for the All Star season, and made it to the finale.She was kicked off before the winner was announced, however, after producers found out she worked as a paid escort prior to filming the season Jael Strauss, pictured in 2007 on left and 2012 on right, was a contestant on the eighth season alongside Renee Alway.

Othniel was the first of these chieftains, and his story is followed in Judges 3 by that of Ehud, who because he was left-handed was able to surprise King Eglon of Moab, the oppressor of Israel in those days, and kill him. Judges 4 and 5 tell at great length of Deborah, who was both a prophet and also a chieftain of Israel.

Perhaps he regarded both Judahite princes and Israelite courtiers as potential claimants to the throne as heirs to the House of Omri.

The slaughter was, however, remembered with horror a long time after Jehu's death, according to the received text and traditional dating of Hosea 1:4 (but see *Hosea).

After the show she spent six years homeless and struggling with drug addictions to methamphetamine and cocaine Cycle five contested Lisa D'Amato also spent time in rehab.

She checked into the third season of Dr Drew's rehab reality show in 2010 for alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine and mushroom addictions.

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